Ideafix Oy

The company was founded 1991 in the Helsinki capital region of Finland. The operation started as a small enterprise. Nowadays the business has expanded as one of the leading high end audio visual services provider in Finland and throughout the Nordic region countries.

Our goal is to create top quality standard environments in audio, video and lighting design, installation and implementation. Ideafix Oy is the go-to partner when you need to improve or build up brand image around your everyday business.

We are a forerunner in audio-visual technology. With over 28 years of experience of designing and personalizing AV-solutions. This has educated us to be extremely professional and flexible business associate. Ideafix guarantees cost-effective pricing and high quality maintenance.

We import, supply and install various audio visual equipment. Our representations focus on products that implement sustainable and easy-to-use solutions for your projects. Having direct relationship with the manufacturers of the products we work with. This ensures we can offer the latest products, information and product training.

Our main services consist full project operation in field of:

  • Lighting (Architecture & interior lighting, controlling systems, step profile, lighting logistics, personal designing and gobo lighting).

  • Sound (Noise cancelling systems, acoustics, stores, hotels and restaurants).

  • Screens (LED-screens, metallic frames, screen kiosk, content management, AV-systems, digital signal transmission).

  • Professional home theater systems.

  • Artist collaboration.

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Why Ideafix?

Personalized packages

Every project is different. That’s why we offer competitive prices for every project. We also help with the ideas and planning so you can get whole package as you wished. Personalized and installed.

Continuously interactive

You will not be left alone with your devices. From us you will always receive support and technical help with problems. We fix faults in an instant so you can focus on your work and be more effective as ever!

Ready to go

From us you don’t just get “AV gear”. We also setup personalized devices and also coach the staff to use devices correctly and fast.

More visibility and results

Screens and lights are part of our everyday life and people remember well organized advertising for a long time. Being well known supports brand and increases sales. You will be shown and seen even better

Some products we represent