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Creating experiences since 1991

Ideafix Oy

Härkälenkki 2, 01730 Helsinki

+35820 754 5060

Founded 1991

Personnel around 10

CEO and owner

Juha Järvimaa


- Digital screen solutions

- Big LED-screens and frames

- Audio equipment and processing

- Public places indoor and outdoor lightning

- World class movie theaters

- Content management systems

- Project management

Our most important partners and suppliers

  • QSC, NEC

  • Griven, Visual Production

  • Ecler, Spottune, Xilica

  • Outline, Logison

  • Nicolaudie Architectural

  • Goboservice, Q-SYS

Ideafix Oy is your partner in audio visual technology, facade lighting and Cinema -solutions. With our own import, we’ve been working with companies as their go-to technology partner and equipment supplier for over 30 years.

Our long experience with best products on the field has provided us with certainty on our competence as we provide high quality solutions to our clients with great efficiency.


The secret behind our success has always been uncompromised quality on customer service.

Our own mechanics and diverse production equipment with a self-sufficient company ensures for our clients that all the services will be delivered on time as agreed.


Modern audio visual technology is a natural part of digitalisation and an important piece of our daily lives.

By utilizing the newest technologies with professional partners our solutions enable our clients with efficient and smart solutions for communication and business.


Our job is not only to supply you with the equipment.

We are a solution-oriented company. We refine ideas, plan and produce cost-effective solutions with great efficiency together with our clients. And the end result is always outrageously good!

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